Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jay Watson Photo Shoot James Durbin Surfboard build week

Here are some photos from the James Durbin surfboard build week taken by Jay Watson. Because I am a over achiever or crazy mofo. Along with trying to build a surfboard for the Durbin Day in record time. I also wanted to document the build with all the people involved. When all bets were called off on Thursday I tried to postpone one of the two shoots I had set up. I didn't want to but figured since the board didn't need to be done in record time we could slow down to a normal pace. This was after American Idol informed Hilary Bryant and Ryan Coonerty they wouldn't let James come to Santa Cruz on Saturday the scheduled Durbin Day. I called Jay who told me he had already rented photo equipment from San Francisco. Since I had Hilary, Ryan, Doug Haut, Keith Meek, Josh Mulcoy, Kevin Walsh and a few others lined up anyway we went for it and good thing as I was texted that we were back on mid morning. A big thank you to the Digital Media Factory for letting use their studio short notice. It was a perfect location right up the street from the Haut Surf Shop and close to the artist Kevin Walsh and skateboard Slasher Keith Meek. Jay does amazing portraits and action photography and he had always wanted to shoot Doug Haut. The shoot would fit perfectly with Jay's other shots of Santa Cruz Big Wave legends Richard Schimdt, John Hunter, Zach Wormhoudt a portrait series of surfers photographed for the book titled Cold Water Souls by author Chris Nelson.

We didn't have the finished surfboard for the shoot with Ryan Coonerty the Mayor and City Council Woman Hilary Bryant but we did have the two Santa Cruz Skateboard completes that were going to be given to James at the Santa Cruz Teen Center courtesy of NHS (Haut is the H) so we did the shoot anyway. Some great head shots and some great memories. Early in the day Jay got some shots of Doug working in his shop and in later at the studio. I asked Doug to give me an I'm over it pissed off look.

If you want to read further details a few blogs back about the board build and all the people it took to get it done and all the great passion our community it is their to dig through. Go back to Tuesday, May 17, 2011. I had Hilgard Muller of Springbok Designs as the only person with the press pass to get the shot of the board hand off at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Durbin Day event.

Doug Haut

Ryan Coonerty

Hilary Bryant

Keith Meek

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