Wednesday, May 18, 2011

James Durbin inside the Teen Center

It was hectic to say the least. Drove straight from the Haut Shop to meet my husband downtown who had my kids we park and get out. Instantly I could hear crowds roaring and I was getting nervous that we were too late. We walked down and met up with Trisha and Sheri who were going to give James two complete Santa Cruz Skateboards and a few bags of Santa Cruz swag for his family. The crowd was huge and I asked an officer how do you find out where the list to get in is? He told me to go around back. Long story short we were not on the list after names were called out for the Kids on Broadway. Tension mounting and time shrinking. I start typing in a text to Hilary that I don't think we are on the list. The woman at the door radios for someone else to ask about a second list. A guy comes over says he can't help and I hit the send button. My phone rings and there is Hilary Bryant calling. I ask him if he'd like to talk to her? (in a nice tone of course) He immediately walks me to the other side of the room. I wave to the others to follow. The woman he leaves me with gets on the phone and then walks us into the empty Teen Center Room. After we walk in we look at each other and think it's a mistake because we can now hear the screaming fans and we are looking out the window and but no James yet. But then we see the Skateboards and the Guitar that are gifts to be given to James and then we realize maybe we are in the right spot. In the end we were.

Before the crowd and just before we could hear the crowd roar.

Our view from the window as James get's out from the car.

Doug Haut with the baseball cap heading over to tell James that he built something for him. That was a great moment for me. Knowing none of us would be at the board hand off but to know James would know who that man was who whispered in his ear. I built something for you.

James is in the middle talking to someone that was in a wheel chair.

James checking out the small board for Hunter.

Super stoked to get his Santa Cruz goods. I wasn't able to hear exactly what he said some nice things to Doug Haut the H in NHS and Novak's niece Trisha and girlfriend Sheri.

Ryan Coonerty and James Durbin.

My kids checking out the autographs while James is on the other side of the room signing and greeting more fans that are polite and smiling.

James is given a Gibson Guitar which he signs and I heard gave to the Santa Cruz Teen Center.

As far as complete skateboards and helmets go. Board Rescue with the support of NHS or Santa Cruz Skateboards gave 8 complete boards and Bell helmets to the center last year. Now anyone want to donate a few ramps or rails for the kids they can use a few. Hint hint.

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