Tuesday, May 17, 2011

James Durbin Board Shot from Hilgard Muller

This is the first photo I saw and shared with Hilary and many others that were not able to get to the stage that night. We were there in spirit, Hilgard Muller took this cell phone shot of his camera shot. Hilary had one E ticket to get someone in close enough and Hilgard got it. I was texting him from before 2:00 pm that day and it took several days to confirm whether or not he'd actually get the pass. He had to arrange a sitter since his wife was doing a 70 mile bike ride that day. Thank you for letting us have Hil that day. So many people that gave this week behind the scenes. I love this town.

Here are two more close ups of the detail on this surfboard by Kevin Walsh. He ended up not going to the hand off. His brother was having a 40 th Birthday party and he was suppose to leave at noon to get to his party. Hilary was trying to arrange it so that Doug Haut and Kevin would be on stage handing the board to Ryan Coonerty but since American Idol wasn't putting on the big event like originally planned it ended up no one got to go near the stage. It was only fitting that Kris Reyes from the Boardwalk had the honors. He was the person that had to organize the whole logistics of the day and I know he was trying to get us in because I spoke to him a few times that week.

American Idol Cast-Off James Durbin Gets Homecoming Parade: MyFoxNY.com

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