Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Social Media Quick Help Links

Learning more Wordpress and working on two websites that I'll post in the next week or so. Moving one to another host but is almost done the other is just under way. Helpful Wordpress info. No time for blogging on either sites this week. I still think blogger is quicker but we will see.
Currently I'm working on several small and large social media business pages creating, customizing and managing their Social Media Pages in the action sports industry and a few Think Local First Santa Cruz businesses. Prima Salon, Foy Construction and admin on Think Local First Santa Cruz FB page.

Help Wordpress

Some help pages I recommend and links.
At the bottom of your FB page hit the little help word goes to this.

Add badges to your website from Facebook with Facebook Badges

Linked in help
Linkedin Learning Center and Video help small businessand for business

Twitter help basics

Blogger help

How to build your personal brand on Facebook Mashable article

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