Thursday, December 16, 2010

Maximum Impact Design likes Green

If your going to talk the talk you have to walk the walk. Which is easy now that many of my clients want to print sustainable, thinking green and thinking local. It is all good for Santa Cruz and for our environment down the road for our planets future.

I will soon will be posting a peak at the new Sessions 2012 Snow Catalog just the cover and a few spread since the line does not launch until SIA and only to dealers. The line looks amazing the team action photography stunning. Some of the talent includes: Product Photography: Paul Schraub Photography Action - Portrait Photography: Reid Morth -, Abe Blair -, Peter Morning - Peter Morning Photography, Rami Hanafi
Printed locally with a Certified Green Printer, Printed on Recycled Paper produced by a Sustainable Forest Mill with Vegetable Based Inks Printed in Santa Cruz, California, USA

Every project big or small matters to me and I put the same amount of energy into both. Box, package or label? Of course I would want to design a new custom package. But the client comes first not the old portfolio. What would work best. They ship lots of envelopes and boxes in different size and shapes. What will be the most cost effective? What will work for both and be green. A tree free label The SockShop and SockSmith. Locally owned and operated the SockSmith owns Old School Shoes, The SockShop and Santa Cruz Legs. Fellow Think Local Santa Cruz member and sustainable direction we created a green tree free label to go on all of their packages. Printed on Tree Free paper using non-toxic water based inks.

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