Friday, September 3, 2010

The SLOW DOWN sign didn't work

Mike you in the white truck with no signage. What do we need to get you to SLOW down. The mother's on this street want his truck plate number so we can call it into the Aptos Highway Patrol. He drives by before 8:00 am in the morning and leaves at dusk. I saw him drive slow once! which was last night 2-26-2011 and then fast this morning at 7:50 am.

OK great now the guys look at my house and drive faster. How does one get trucks driving on Danube to one stop at stop sign on Jennifer and two slow down!
Slow down to Superior Alarm Co both trucks and the D & G Sanitation guy who looked right at me and sped past the SLOW KIDS at Play sign today 10_11_2010 Aptos High Patrol please can you get on these guys. The kids are out minimum day all week!

Even with the sign out on the road the neighbors cat got ran over due to a speeding driver who didn't even stop to say sorry.

So as I'm going out to put up this sign I watch a truck and trailer run the stop sign at Jennifer and Danube. I'm thinking maybe if I put this sign up the Plumber in the white unmarked truck will stop and slow down.
NO he went even faster today.
I stopped the next work truck that had run the stop sign earlier and asked him to please have his guys stop at the sign and to ask the plumber to slow down. I told him he went even faster this morning.

I hope the Aptos Highway Patrol will check for him on Soquel Drive. He usually arrives right before 7:00 am but today he was late at 7:25 am. There are young kids heading for the bus. He doesn't seem to care. We do. This is just making the neighbors talk more and band together. Most of us weren't paying much attention to the new build but now its on everyone's radar more than ever.

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