Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dude will you please SLOW DOWN!!!

Well it's not just the one white truck anymore. If it could only be that easy.
Mesa Grande drivers can you slow down too. Worst culprits are the lady in the Black Lexus, Woman in the Gold Volvo Wagon, old guy in the Camo truck and camper. WTF

What is the point in driving at a high rate of speed on a daily bases past our houses on Vienna, Jennifer and Danube Drive in Aptos? This is not a freeway but our neighborhood. Yesterday at 6:59 am you streaked by I called and someone was going to ask you to slow down. And today at 4:20 pm you did the same.
We already deal with concrete trucks driving by every 20 minutes until 10:00 pm at night. Did we complain no.
But if you keep speeding by I will have issues.
Their is a 5 year old boy who just learned how to ride a bike who rides up and down the street. It makes me nervous wondering when you are going to drive by.


By the way there is a STOP sign on Jennifer and Danube you blow through. Can you please stop.

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