Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Skateboard Birdhouse for Board Rescue Art Auction

Skateboard Birdhouse for Board Rescue Art Auction - 120601279333

Handmade recycled skateboard Birdhouse built from Creature skateboard decks going live today at 11:45 am on Foyster2 ebay.
Greg Foy of Foy Construction and my husband built this for the Board Rescue Urban Outfitters window display. A little side project and product we will be making for sale. This one is for a fund raiser and only available through this auction. Hand built from boards that were not for sale. To see more views of this and the other boards check Board Rescue Art Auction Decks flickr http://tinyurl.com/23l8vrm

9.5" tall x 10.25" wide x 8 .25" deep hook on top skate screw bird rest not included in depth measurement

Window full view.

We are one of the non-profits for the Nickels for Non-Profits at our local Santa Cruz Whole Foods when you use an re-usable shopping bag. Thanks for the support.

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