Sunday, July 25, 2010

Downhill racing the future and new logo designs

Updated IGSA (International Gravity Sports Association) logo and designed these new World Cup Downhill and Luge racing logos for Marcus Rietema. I really enjoyed this project since it was something I loved doing back in the day. It's great to see the sport growing and all new the equipment and young riders enjoying the sport.

New downhill movie: DROP: Meet the Riders
DROP: My Life Downhill and more vids
Executive Producer Stacy Peralta (Writer/Director Dogtown & Z-Boys)
Directed by Marc McCrudden
Produced by Michael D. Lynch

Reimer Dominates Again! wins the Graveyard Call Downhill Race 2010

Downhill skateboarding getting some NY Times love. Always a good thing. Great sport and this hill is everyone's favorite. I downhill raced last week in Layette Colorado after not racing downhill in over 30 years with a group of young riders. I was old enough to be their mom. They were all really friendly and nice. I was a bit scared on the first right hand turn but after that it was all good.

LA Times downhill skateboarding article today as well.
Downhill skateboarding: Laguna Beach critics propose a ban -
Always a negative to every positive.

DROP: My Life Downhill from marc mccrudden on Vimeo.

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