Sunday, October 25, 2009

50 th Birthday party LCSP Oct. 24 th

Proof you can teach and old gal new tricks. Never did tail drops back in the day. Never too late to learn on my 50 th birthday bash. Gary Holl giving me some pointers and my first go without a helping hand. Felt pretty good. Tried it a few more times and a couple times before ending a long skate session. Skated with many friends I had not even skated with in over 30 years. Thanks Steve Caballero for bringing Kayla and Kaylib. Michael Chantry for taking all these great photos and for driving all the way down from Placerville.

Thank you for all my friends for coming out to skate. Gary my coach, Wally, Patty, Rick Blackhart, Fly, Mofo, Zack, Ray Meyers, Stephen King, Cat, Victor, Joe Fong, Joe, Kenny, Tahj and friends.

Ray Meyers asked me if Patty was my daughter. I said, " do you want me to slap you now or later" jokingly. I'm afraid I'm old enough to be a grandma out there, but if I can inspire a few daughters, wife's, girlfriends or mom's. I'm going to keep having fun.

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