Sunday, May 3, 2009

Santa Cruz Design and Innovation interview

Thank you to the Santa Cruz Design and Innovation Center for asking me to be on the home page. Quite an honor with so many talented designers in Santa Cruz. I hope to encourage younger designers to follow their passion. Work hard and don't give up.

I've been creating action sports graphic design since before computer graphics. My dad was the one that told me in the mid 80's that the computer was the way to go and he helped me buy an Apple SI that at the time was around $4,500.00 with a 80 MB hard drive! Seriously. When I was working on the Beckmann's Bread packaging it would take 20 minutes to save.

I would read design magazines or dust my office while it saved. Needless to say my office was pretty spotless.

Never stop learning and don't try and coast. Stay in tune with design trends, colors, patterns, and do what you love. Stay on your path.

Think green, recycled, sustainability if it is affordable and aligns with your client it is a style direction that I feel is a win win. Do more than talk the talk. Walk the walk.

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