Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Peter Ramirez we will miss you ;(

Ramp start in Santa Cruz, September 7, 2008 50 cone course the view.

I never got to know Peter like most of his friends. The short time I did get to know him was very special. I met Peter, Nick and team at the Oregon Games in Salem this summer slalom racing on the Bush Soapbox Derby Track. It was the first time I met the Tactis Skateboard skaters that Dan brought up from Sacramento. It was great to see a new generation of skaters start slalom racing and have the stoke on downhill. Some of the best memories of my life were the first days of skating on the Santa Cruz Skateboard Team. It was great to see it come full circle with Dan taking these kids under his wing and taking them to some of the most beautiful locations to ride skateboards. The thrill of riding a new hill the smells, the wind in your face. Nothing better. You and the hill, You phase out the people around you, You forget the all your worries and focus only on the moment and the road ahead.

As a mom and a skater. Life is short and live life each day to the fullest. My parents let me shot downhill roads skate parks, go off with friends. I will forever thank them.

Peter raced in Hood River at the Gorge Games which was one of the best races to date, Fox TV cam over head downtown main street on fresh pavement, raced the Giant Slalom near the Columbia River that had some of the most amazing views and then two weeks later the US Nationals in Morro Bay with the ocean as the back drop. This summer was one of the best for competing and meeting new friends. I didn't even know how many countless downhill races the Tactis team may have gone to. I know they went to Maryville which I heard was a blast.

To his friends and family my thoughts are with you. I know that Peter had a great summer. His smile will never be forgotten.

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