Friday, September 21, 2007

2007 Slalom Skateboard World Championships

Got back from worlds. I missed my flight bag check in by 10 minutes (5:20 am) so I had to fly to Miami-LA and then to San Jose to get home. It took 5 hours longer but was glad to come home on Monday. The flights were so close together she double booked me just in case I missed my flights, but I made each one just in time and picked my kids up from school. Back to reality, dinner, homework, laundry...
Thanks to the DHB crew for a great time. They put on an amazing event. Marion thanks for four days of great skating fun. I know you guys worked long hours months prior and during the event. I placed second overall against Lynn Kramer the 5x world champion which was quite an honor. I tried to give her a run for her money. She is FAST! I placed second in the hybrid and tight a third in the giant slalom. Watching young Ella was a treat. She is the future for the women's as well as Laura, Julie and Sarah. The youth needs to keep the sport moving forward. Cat and Julie did great as well. Three days of slalom racing fun. The open class group was fast as usual. It's great to see Martin, Joe and Zach blaze the hill as well as veterans like Jackman! The pro events rocked as well. Fast and clean was key.

Thanks to everyone that came up to me and gave me great words of encouragement and kudos. For the past few years I've been on the fence about retiring. As I said as long as I'm having fun I'm not going to stop. I've seen lots of change for the better, new board technology, trucks, wheels, great hills and courses. And most of all the people make it really happen the old friends and new friends. Thanks!
Big thank you to Gareth of RoeRacing and Henry Hester for getting me back into this sport after two decades. I never thought I'd slalom racing again. Bulky too for telling me about it in 2002 at ASR.

My NorCal training buds Ravitch, Drew, Norski and Bruce you were missed.

Here are some of the articles that came out in the local papers. "Safety mostly up to skaters at slalom world championships" and on Sunday "Female skaters hit the hill at slalom world championships"

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