Friday, May 4, 2007


I sent a Giro helmet and some old Roskopp stickers, a Steve Olson silkscreen print I did in at SJSU, and one Tony Alva Santa Cruz Proflex sticker to this cause. The helmet was a new Gold Lance Armstrong Atmos that I bought and decided it would be better used for this fund raiser. I found out yesterday that Tony Hawk got Lance to sign it. So it will be worth even more when it goes on ebay. It made my day.

One of skateboarding’s former professionals and great dudes is in need of the skateboarding community’s help. Ray Underhill was diagnosed with a brain tumor last year and had a procedure to remove a large portion of it last month. As a result, his non-covered medical expenses will be much more than his family can afford.

Unfortunately, Ray’s having a rough time at the moment. His visit to Loma Linda, CA for radiation therapy may be delayed by a few weeks. He’s having a difficult time repairing from the throat surgery and the doctors don’t want to start radiation until he’s strong enough to withstand the procedure. He still can’t swallow and his spit creates coughing fits and he can’t get solid sleep. The family is staying strong, but obviously it’s been difficult for them. They’ve been reading the guestbook comments on Ray’s website and that has truly lifted their spirits.

One of Ray’s many, many friends, Sean Mortimer is gathering collectible skate artifacts, rare boards, artwork, photographs, shirts, etc. for an upcoming eBay auction toward Ray’s behalf. All skate goods are needed as soon as possible and should be shipped to:

Sean Mortimer
3148 Camino Crest
Oceanside, CA

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