Sunday, May 13, 2007

Slalom Skateboard Class in Santa Cruz

The Beginning and Intermediate slalom class was a great success May 12, 2007. This class was made possible through Santa Cruz Parks and Recreation with the help of the NorCal slalom posse. Gary Holl professional freestyle and slalom skater (great with kids), John Ravitch the "Oldman" extremely patient, Cat our newest women's professional slalom racer helped with stretches and brings new energy to our group, Drew brought out his quiver of classic boards to share, Norski helped cone and swept up the long rows of sand that Gary and I created. Eric showed us powerslides and lent a super longboard. We had a special guest Bruce Brewington who showed them his classic stance and style. All the kids did great and learned so much in just the few hours we had. The class had a short stretch period, slalom skateboarding history, we broke the kids up in groups and worked on stopping, turning through cones and by the end we the kids were racing each other down the cone courses. Group photo and award ceremonies at the end. Happy faces tell the whole story.
Originally I had the class set for 12 kids. There were 7 kids on the waiting list. I ended up taking them all thanks to all my skate buds for helping. Thanks Maria and Richy of Sk8kings for the loaner slalom board. The Axe.

Next class is set for June 9, a Slide Class with Cliff Coleman.
9:30 AM - 12:00 PM