Sunday, January 28, 2007

Slalom Skateboard Class

I will be teaching a couple of skateboard classes this spring 2007. May 12 th will be a slalom skateboarding class will teach basic skills on balance and technique. We will split the class into groups based on skill level. Class will start with a short review on safety, proper helmet fit, slides, footbraking and pumping. It's fun, great exercise and does not require much equipment. Basic skateboard skills required. Skater should be able to push start and turn. World record downhill and former World Champion, John Hutson, Freestyle Champion, Gary Holl and professional racer John Ravitch will assist with instruction. Bring your own skateboard. Helmets, knee pads and elbow pads required.

Beginning/Intermediate Slalom Skateboard Class Santa Cruz

June 9 th is the Skateboard Slide Class.
Have you ever gotten going to fast and couldn't run it out. This will be a good back pocket tool to get yourself out of a bad situation. Worth taking with skate legend Cliff Coleman.
Learning skate sliding techniques helps with numerous aspects of skating and increases safety in the sport. Slide class will teach skateboarders how to slide stop and slide to turn. Cliff Coleman will help teach the class. Cliff is a world class slalom skateboarder and teaches slide clinics worldwide.

Beginning Slide Skateboard Class Santa Cruz

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