Wednesday, August 8, 2018

2018 CrossFit Games year 3 it's a wrap

This was my third year working for CrossFit HQ at the CrossFit Games 2018. I had a great time. This is the last day in WI we will be traveling home tonight from Chicago. I can't believe the timing of the CrossFit skateboard video launching while traveling to the Games. When I was walking off the plane in Madison the CrossFit Games app had a message showing my video launching. I was nervous and excited at the same time. I had so many nice people come up to me at the Games and comment on how they liked the video.

This is the first year I worked on only Score Cards in Bat Cave with Dave Eubanks (his video launched during Games as well), Sue (Goddess status) and awesome crew. I never realized until this year how hard it was to work both Photo Editing and Score Cards. Last year I never saw one live event and the year before when it was in Carson I saw what ever was happening out of our window. I know it helped that I got up at 4:00 am to work on cards every year. This year I got up at 5:00. It was a huge bonus also that I got the first rough document sooner than usual. I was able to get some of the work done prior to heading to the Games.

What people may not know is how hard everyone is working behind the scenes. Dave Eubanks and Boz do an amazing job. Gabe, TC and Fireman Dave kickass as well. Lots of others in the Scoring room. Lots of amazing judges that are CrossFit coaches. Video production Erick Diaz, Dan and crew. Susannah Di who does all the large graphics and laid out Dave Castro's book. Which is really a good read. I bought it and told myself if I can get by the first chapter I'll read it. I was happily surprised it is really good and worth reading if you are a true CrossFit fan. In my opinion.

I learned to support myself and work and not expect anyone to really look out for me. I bust ass and feel great to have been appreciated for what I do from Kathy Glassman and a few others I ran into. I thank Greg Glassman everyday for what I have learned and how I live though I did eat some pretty bad stuff after the Games finished but I'll get back to the routine of CrossFitting with coach Jenny and eating better.

My son Taylor volunteered for the second year. It cost me a flight, food and I had to pay for care with my mom. So pretty much all the overtime money goes to covering the costs of going. Thank you for to Dave Re head of photography who let Taylor run cards for the most hard working photo team that shot tons of amazing photos. We heading south to Arlington Vermont to hang out for a few days before heading home. We stayed near the Ned Brown Preserve so we can check out the greenery and so Taylor could fish a little. I am grateful for having days with my son alone and for getting away from having to worry about anyone else but us. I miss my family and my dog Cooper who will be happy to see us at 2:00 am ish when we get home tonight.

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