Saturday, March 26, 2016

Nicole Caroll CrossFit Video Mermaid Tank Top

Thursday was a big day. While working at the Crossfit Open 16.5 and wrapping walls at Cisco Building 18 the video with Nicole Caroll posted after the announcement of the CrossFit final Open Work-out. I was so excited to see the Badass Skatemom Mermaid Tank top on the screen. I am super excited how many orders have come in over the last 24 hours and all of the support from friends. I have reorders in for the Mermaid and the Fearless. I had plans on reprinting the Fearless one and when she wore the Mermaid I put an order in for that as well. Good thing cause I'm going to sell out for sure. I ordered more stickers today as well they take a week.

I started this line less than a year ago. I love to CrossFit. Nicole is as sweet in person and beautiful as she appears. Amazing guns too!

They don't make the top in an XS and I only stock SMALL - XL

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