Friday, November 27, 2015

Badass Skatemom Small Business Sentinel Love

Happy to get coverage for tomorrow's Shop Small Saturday Santa Cruz with the Makers Market Santa Cruz Group and all involved to promote the small businesses in Santa Cruz. I'm all about local even though we are heading over the hill to Santana Row.

It's a great opportunity to show to other areas us little guys trying to make our passion and our dream of running our own business and selling fun things. I'll be carpooling with Adam of Mutari Hot Chocolate doing our part to have one less car going over the hill.

Thank you Jondi for calling me and writing the 800 businesses story for the Sentinel.

Thank you Shmuel Thaler I couldn't help photo art direct just a little. Super excited to see how tomorrow goes. Thank you Barbara Mason for teaming up with Andy VanValer's Slingshot, Think Local First Santa Cruz.

Badass Skatemom

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