Friday, October 2, 2015

Slalom Skateboard World Championships 2015

Great weekend in Ashland Kentucky at the World Championships of Slalom Skateboarding. I won the women's slalom events in all three categories. Won the overall. The European Championships were the same weekend so the women's field wasn't as big, though I did race the two fastest women two years ago at Worlds in Texas and beat them both as the elder it was a big win. I am stronger and racing faster then ever because of doing Crossfit 4 times a week as of January of this year. Yeah yeah yeah. I know my friends are tired of me talking about it but at 55 I shouldn't be winning races and skateboarding at high speeds but I am.

Congrats to my training NorCal buddies John Ravitch for Second in the Giant Slalom and 4th overall. Off the couch Kevin Delaney for first in Hybrid, second in tight, first in Giant Slalom. Imagine how good you would be if you practiced. Should out to Jamie Hart 64 and Norski. We missed Cliff Coleman and a few others. AARP would be proud. lol

I am not posting much since I want to save my photos and video for the Santa Cruz Waves piece about Badass Skatemom and The Box Magazine that has an article about my Skateboarding and Crossfit.

Super proud of our amazing team -- ‪#‎BringingHomeTheGold‬ ‪#‎Worlds2015‬ at Kentucky Cone Fest!

Congratulations to World Champions

Joe McLaren (6-Time Consecutive Overall Men's Pro - 1st place Hybrid & Giant)

Oshean Lehrmann (Overall Junior - 1st place Tight & Giant)

Orion Thesurfer Lehrmann (Junior 1st place Hybrid)

Judi Oyama (Overall Women's 1st place sweep) and shout outs to Lynn Kramer (11-Time Overall Women's World Champ placing 13th in Men's Pro)

Scott Hostert (Master's 3rd place Hybrid)

Brad Jackman (Master's 3rd place Tight) and all the rest who charged all weekend! ‪#‎Sk8Kings‬, ‪#‎TurboNation‬, ‪#‎AxeArmy‬ Salute You!

Lynn Kramer for her training the Lehrmann Brothers and for keeping me racing. Lynn you are 12x World Champion in my book. Thank you Maria and Richy for the support and Richy for the phone training.

2010 video

Worlds Championships slalom 2010 from Zita Films / Pablo Ballester on Vimeo.

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