Saturday, May 16, 2015

Missed the Skateboard Hall of Fame 2015

I'm in Colorado finishing the last details of John DeAndrea's new website and helping on a casting today. I choose not to go to the HOF until I see my friend Cindy Whitehead inducted. I'm not afraid to say it's political just like Skateboarder magazine was back in the day. Not being a negative or a bad egg just telling the facts. I'm proud of Henry Hester and Duane Peters for getting in from the Santa Cruz Skateboard Team as well as all of the other inductees.

Cindy has been skating since the 70's, had "Girl is not a 4 Letter Word" and has been an advocate to helping women in skateboarding for decades and she didn't even make the list. In general, many of the skaters in the 60's and 70's are getting older and several should be inducted per year. I'm glad they are at least picking more than one woman per year as they did in the beginning.

I'm looking forward to assisting John DeAndrea and Lorraine today in a casting of a new piece. Here are a few images of John's museum show we went to after they picked me up at the airport on Thursday and a studio shot.

Work currently at the Denver Art Museum.

Horse structure.


The Horse was made by Judith Wagner if you want one yourself she has a mold in Colorado. It is impressive in size and beautiful close up. Below is a photo from her website.

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