Sunday, May 31, 2015

2015 Gold Rush Giant Slalom Results and a few pic's

Back from a great weekend in Sacramento, staying at Shannon and Jamie Hart's house with Cliff Coleman. Jamie, Cliff and I have been skateboarding together for almost 40 years. We do it for the ourselves not for anything else. Being from NorCal we were not Skateboard Magazine material. Living North of the media is like living on another planet. We laugh we hug and we encourage each other to go fast and have fun. Our boards are high tech our bodies are not. Though I have to say since I have been doing Crossfit for almost 2 years and the past 6 months going 4 days a week I can say I am stronger than I have ever been in my whole life. It helps on the walks up the hill and turns going around the cones. My only regret was not going off the big ramp, otherwise no complaints. I may not be the best skater and never would claim to be. But I can say I have skated competitively longer that any woman skateboarder that I know of.

Thank you Cliff for the women's skateboard history lesson we will be talking more soon. I learned their are a few women never mentioned in the skate history that were from Norcal in the 60's. The SHOF folks only know the SoCal history they don't know about NorCal or other places all over the world that have been as passionate about skateboarding. As mentioned before just because you were never published in a Skateboard Magazine does not mean you are not dedicated to the life long passion and addiction of being a skateboarder.


Hybrid Junior Class:

Final Position Racer No. & Name Best Time

1 Michael Ambry 19.891

2 Jake Knudsen 20.146

3 Grant Banas 20.592

4 Josh Wells 21.202

5 Andrrew Gromel 22.235

6 Kylie Knudsen 24.756

7 Adien Knudsen' -

Hybrid Open Class

Final Position Racer No. & Name Best Time

1 Ryan Ricker 18.183

2 Martin Reaves 19.495

3 Eric Tokle 19.686

4 kifer kronner 19.809

5 Chris Mescalito 20.261

6 Nick Dicus 20.329

7 Chris Warwen 20.636

8 Jonny B 21.095

9 Dylan Smith 21.159

10 Greg Harlow 21.244

11 Scott OZ 23.484

Hybrid Master Class:

Final Position Racer No. & Name Best Time

1 Scott Hostert 18.589

2 John Ravich 18.783

3 Gary Cross 19.449

4 Paul Chestnut 19.505

5 Jeff Wills 20.091

6 Jamie Heart 20.965

7Judi Oyama 21.189

8 Bruce Norski 22.080

Giant Slalom Open Class:

Final Position Racer No. & Name Best Time

1 Ryan Ricker 21.278

2 Martin Reaves 21.985

3 Johnny Miller 22.091

4 Jeff Will 22.647

5 Gary Cross 22.857

6 Chris Mescalito 22.983

7 Kiefer Kroner 23.362

8 Eric Tokel 23.429

Giant Slalom Master Class:

Final Position Racer No. & Name Best Time

1 Johnny Miller 21.801

2 Scott Hostert 21.936

3 John Ravich 22.472

4 Paul Chestnut 22.489

5 Jeff Will 22.959

6 Gary Cross 23.500

7 Martin Radan 24.881

8 Cliff Coleman 25.528

9 John Nakama 25.589

10 Judi Oyama 26.009

11 Bruce Norski 26.055

12 Jamie Heart 26.426

13 Randy Katen 27.184

Big thank you to all that helped out on the race...Marty, Jonny and to all the neighbors that let us have a race on that hill.

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