Friday, October 24, 2014

Fresh off the press the 2015 Think Local First Santa Cruz Directory

Picked up a few bundles of the new Think Local First Santa Cruz Directories on Wednesday from the printer. The rest will be here shortly. Matthew Swinnerton gave these out last night at his sold out Event Santa Cruz event at the New Bohemian Brewery. Picked up one of the new issues of Instant Santa Cruz Magazine was pleasantly surprised to see my article reprinted. Thank you for including me with all the talented folks in Santa Cruz.

Great speakers and good food and beer as always.

Scheduled Speakers:

Jennifer Gallacher — Santa Cruz Rehearsal Studios

Naomi Woldemar - Cardamom Tuesday

Jennifer Ashby — Ashby Confections

Patrick Reilly — IP Society

Dan Satterthwaite — New Bohemia Brewing Co

Steve Principe — VinoCruz

Chef Jamie Smith — FoodSmith

Tate Toussaint — Music

Spoke at the PCS volunteer drive today representing one of the non-profits the students can volunteer with Think Local First Santa Cruz. Hard audience is having your 13 year old give you that really mom look mid presentation. Good practice for me since I don't like public speaking.

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