Saturday, June 14, 2014

Women creating Action Sports Graphic Design yes!

Women in the action sports industry are far and few many of the design and production jobs go to the guys. I am a long time graphic designer who has worked in the surf, skate and snowboard industry creating action sports graphic design since 1987. I have to be twice as good as the next guy. I've have to fight past the dude factor. Many times I can get the project but it is not a cake walk. Even decades later women hire dudes and dudes hire dudes. But I do get the women that and men that will hire me. I have always gotten calls where someone will ask if the owner is in and if they can talk to him. Some of my first clients Rich Novak and Jay Shuriman from NHS (Santa Cruz Skateboards) Mark Miller Look Snowboards, Bob Hurley at the time Billabong USA. Joel Gomez and Cindy Sessions for Thrasher ads and mail order catalogs. Don Transeth EA Skate or Die. I thank them for being the main people that made me go it alone and keep going for it today! All of the new crew out there. Some of those young women graphic designers have ideas and can design stuff too. Just felt I had to spout off a bit. Maximum Impact Design since 1987 skater owned and operated. I have an new list of folks that I want to thank like Eric and Ellen Gil, Aaron Brookes, Sharon Cook, Evan... a long list of folks.

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