Sunday, June 29, 2014

Jack Brook Horse Camp Drought Year 2014

Fun times at Jack Brook Horse Camp even with a 1,000 gallon a day limit. Sounds easy but if you have 40 horses and 20+ people that can be a challenge. Most of us brought up our own drinking water though the water they have there if fine. Some horse trailers had water storage that people emptied and shared before leaving. No showers unless of course you had your own solar shower horse trailer set up that Colette had going. It worked great. No rinsing off your horse after a long ride. No letting the water run while washing dishes. Toilet time if it's yellow let it mellow was the rule.

I brought up a Tepui Tents from Santa Cruz for the two nights. A room with a view. I didn't set up the tent poles to open up but that was okay it worked perfect. I use to come up every year for years when I had a horse and did horse patrol at Ano Nuevo for 10 years but hadn't been up in several years. It is as beautiful as always, trails maintained by the park and Jack Brook Horse Patrol volunteers. We were lucky to have Mark a retired SF Police officer. Super nice man if you happened to get lucky.

Here are a few tips and reminders if you have never gone.

Bring old news papers to help start the camp fires.

Drive slow on the road near camp and coming in as it is very dusty. Do not come in when it not your time it. Coming in is top of the hour to 20 minutes after. It takes 10 minutes at least with a horse trailer. They're are a few steep spots and the road is a one lane.

When leaving you can leave at the bottom of the hour 12:30, 1:30....and you get a 20 minute window for the same reason as coming in.

Leave time to clean your coral, double check your camping area and be sure the fire is out.

There is a pay phone (650) 363-4021, electricity near the cook area and inside the food storage area.

The Food storage area has two big fridges, and a microwave oven. Power strip would come in handy by the sink area for multiple charging or coffee makers...

Enjoy. Pick up all your trash. Recycle as best you can.

Due to drought Camping areas will be closed through the remainder of the camping season (including reservation and drop-in sites). Those with reservations will be contacted. Because San Mateo County Parks is committed to providing a safe and quality experience fo park users, the Department is implementing the following curtailments at parks within the Pescadero Creek Complex, which includes the following three parks: Memorial Park

Sam McDonald Park

Jack Brook Horse Camp will remain open with drinking water and restrooms available. However, showers and horse washing stations will be closed.

Pescadero Creek Park


Best way to go with a horse trailer rig is Highway 84 from Woodside through La Honda. Turn left at Pescadero Road, travel past Sam McDonald Park, go one mile to Horse Camp entrance on left, watch for Horse Camp sign on right side of road just before the camp road gate.


To reserve this or other facilities at Sam McDonald Park visit our on line reservations system or call the reservations desk at (650) 363-4021. Please contact the reservations desk for availability, fees, regulations and any questions you may have. See horse camping fees for pricing information.

General User Fees-Large Area (#1) $275.00 per night: Friday and Saturday, $150.00 per night Sunday - Thursday, maximum 40 people and 40 horses This site is approximately 500' x 150' and has dirt and wood chip surface with a 5% slope. The surrounding vegetation is made up of redwood and live oak, which provides some shade. Expect hot summer days, cool nights and occasional heavy fog. Among the amenities of the site are showers/restrooms, a horse wash-rack, and an outdoor kitchen with refrigerator, freezer, and microwave (shared by all the camps). The area offers 48 horse paddocks and 6 tie posts available on a first come-first-serve basis. Portable corrals are permitted and firewood is available. Remember to bring rain gear during the early and late season.

General User Fees-Small Area (#2) 125.00 per night: Friday and Saturday; $75.00 per night Sunday - Thursday, maximum 10 people and 10 horses

General User Fees-Small Area (#3) $125.00 per night: Friday and Saturday; $75.00 per night Sunday - Thursday, maximum 10 people and 10 horses

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