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Signal Hill Speed Run Movie Marcus Rietema Fundraiser April 1 7:00 pm Aptos

Signal Hill Speed Run Movie

By Mike Horelick & Jon Carnoy

This is a fundraiser for Marcus Rietema he is a friend and helped start the downhill skateboard movement through IGSA.

The Signal Hill Speed Run - Trailer Documentary film on the history of the Signal Hill Skateboarding Downhill Championships which were held in the late 1970's.

John "Hut" Hutson known for his famous Hut Tuck

Michael "Smiley" Goldman

Thanks you to Scott at The Nick at their Aptos Location. Directions: 122 Rancho Del Mar. 95003 Aptos (No passes.) $10.00 at the door coverage. 831.688.6541 Please do not bring any food or drink in with you. We will have raffle tickets for Skateboards and swag. We will have a questions and answer segment at the end of the movie. Possible speakers: OG Santa Cruz Skateboard Team riders John Hutson, Michael Goldman, Jamie Hart, Cliff Coleman and others to be confirmed. More info to come.

Thanks to the support and help of TC, Jordan and the crew at the Santa Cruz Boardroom on 825 41st Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95062 (831) 464-2500. Check out their store before the movie lots of skateboard history and downhill stuff.

The world's first skateboard race! Description The Signal Hill Speed Run was the birth of downhill skateboarding! From 1975 to 1978, it was an annual event, and was started by Jim O'Mahoney upon request by the show The Guinness Book of World Records, hosted by noted Brit David Frost. This event was covered by SkateBoarder, National Skateboard Review, Sports Illustrated, Sunset Magazine and many more! Plot Outline

Based on the 2008 Los Angeles Times' article "Board Out of Their Minds" by Mike Horelick, The Signal Hill Speed Run focuses on the annual skateboard race, but also explores many other aspects of 1970s extreme sports like hang gliding, big wave surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding.

Jim O'Mahoney, Guy Grundy, "Spooky", Sam Puccio, Tina Trefethen, Roger Williams, Terry Nails, Henry Hester, Dave Dillberg, Leslie Jo Ritzma, John Hutson, Michael Goldman, Jamie Hart, Cliff Coleman and Many More!

Santa Cruz Skateboards team rider Cliff Coleman 1978 Photo by Jim O Mahoney



By Keith Hamm originally from Aptos.

Film immortalizes Signal Hill’s downhill skateboarding competition as ‘birth of extreme sports’

Need for Speed by the Wheel Base website

From Juice Magazine Photos from the premiere of Signal Hill Speed Run Movie courtesy of

Since Marcus was diagnosed with cancer he has sought out alternative therapies to support him prior to receiving chemotherapy. The supplements alone have exceeded $700 per week and have fortunately built up his strength and immune system to be able to handle the chemotherapy. Additionally, as he and his family searched to find the best treatment, they have spent over $20,000 out of pocket so far. Marcus, wife is currently fighting with the insurance carrier who has denied all medical claims to date exceeding over $100,000. Once this is resolved they expect to incur the maximum deductible costs of $15,000 for 2013. Luckily they were able to find a more comprehensive plan for 2014 with a maximum out of pocket deductible of $12,500. Once the insurance company has fulfilled their obligations, Marcus and Kim will still face medical bills exceeding $47,500 by the end of 2014. In addition, Marcus will be receiving alternative therapies that are not covered by insurance once he has completed his chemotherapy. To cover their medical expenses and these alternative therapies, they are hoping to raise a total of $54,000. We hope to ease their stress of this life-changing event with the support of their extended famlly and friends around the globe. - See more at:

Give now direct link.

Close places to grab food walking distance. Park near theater. Showtime Pizzeria 98 Rancho Del Mar, Aptos, CA 95003 (831) 662-3362

Aptos Pizza 7945 Soquel Dr. Aptos, CA 95003 831-688-4030

burger 7941 Soquel Drive, Aptos, CA 95003 831.662.2811 across the street

Sushi on the Run

7957 Soquel Dr, Aptos, CA 95003 831) 688-3690

Kauboi Sushi and Grill with full bar. 8017 Soquel Drive Aptos, CA 95003 831.661.0449

Directed By Mike Horelick and Jon Carnoy

Screenplay By Mike Horelick and Jon Carnoy

Produced By Jon Carnoy and Mike Horelick

Signal Hill Skate Movie Facebook

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