Sunday, January 19, 2014

Speaking of Santa Cruz cottage food industry Foyama Jam coming soon?

Speaking of Santa Cruz cottage food industry article just out in the Sentinel yesterday. My son and I made Organic Strawberry Jam from the Cabrillo Farmers Market and being the graphic designer mom I had to design a custom label. Foyama The first batch came out to soft I tried to not use any pectin the second batch way better after I found Pomona’s Universal Pectin you need less organic sugar than the receipt asks for. Simple Organic Strawberry Jam Makes: 4-5 cups


4 cups mashed strawberries (hulled, stems removed)

1 cup organic sugar

2 teaspoon Pomona’s pectin powder

2 teaspoons calcium water (comes with the Pomona’s Universal Pectin; you mix at home with water before starting this recipe per the package instructions)


Here is a good receipe and guide.

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