Monday, October 7, 2013

Santa Cruz Skateboard Museum 40th Annviersary

October 5, 2013 was the opening of the Santa Cruz Skateboard museum and the 40th Anniversary party. This was a 20 something month project that was hard not to want to share. I was hired as a archivist and skateboard historian to help find Road Rider and Santa Cruz Skateboard history items. Specific complete boards from the Signal Hill, Capitola Classic and Hester Series to late 80's, find Santa Cruz team riders from years gone by some I hadn't spoken to or seen since the 70's others like Steve Olson, Jamie Hart, Duane Peters, John Hutson who I still skate with and see now and then. I got to go through the NHS archives. I went through boxes of slides, negatives, black and white prints to organize and document Santa Cruz team riders and events from the 70's for Bob Denike, Richard Novak and Mark Widmann. I put them in binders, put tabs on pages per rider or events. This is one of those rare projects you never thought you say was work because it is your skate passion and it was fun to fine images of yourself that you'd never seen before. I then handed off the photos, slides and negs to BK who was the photo editor. He tagged and marked his picks and then I went through again organized and Mark or Cari sent it to get scanned. John Malvino had the footage. I didn't even get a chance to watch all the clips and have to go back to review. It was quite a blurr so to speak. The next day was the Indy Rally at LCRSP which I did go to for a bit. Quick post but more to come.

For the record this was kept under wraps since the city didn't allow a Skateboard Museum in this location because of parking and a few neighbors that always give Novak a hard time. So it is really the Santa Cruz Skateboard Showroom. It won't be open to the public for awhile because of permits and other paperwork. For those lucky few enjoy. And for my team mates that didn't make it. You suck. Just kidding. Skaters they have to give each other shit. That's how we roll.

My husband Greg Foy (Foy Construction) built the walls and other parts of this so it was not uncommon to run into each other working on the museum.

BIG thank you to Ed Economy for lending Cliff Coleman's original Downhill board used at Signal Hill, Steven Pizzo for his many vintage Santa Cruz Skateboards, Bill from Bill's wheels who let Mark go on a regular bases and grab boards, Jamie Hart who's classic banners above the half pipe wall on the fence remind us of contest days and the Hester Series. Kathleen (Kathy) McLean for keeping us on track and staying on the original path. You were missed.

More photos on my flickr page.

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