Thursday, September 12, 2013

Eton Rugged rukus video release Jay Watson and Maximum Impact Design

Eton Rugged rukus video on YouTube Director and stills photographer Jay Watson Video Cameraman Nils Carlson also helping out was Lance. Video Editing and production: Denise Gallant of Video4Creative and Kevin Monahan, Audio Engineer/Sound Designer/Co-Founder We shot all of the beach and forest photos and video in the morning at Hidden Beach and at Nisene Marks Park in the afternoon. I styled, art directed, produced, found the talent from past models and through Eric Clarkson and Angela Stucky. I recruited Naomi Kelley from Crossfit West. Models for Aptos: Allison Twisselman, Emmanuel Guzman (Pro Skateboarder for Santa Cruz Skateboards), Eric Clarkson (Professional Triathlete), Vicky Jones, Logan Halliwell (John Hutson's nephew), Katie Steidl (jr designer for Maximum Impact Design), Naomi Kelley, hair and make-up Thayse from Prima Salon Food by the Picnic Basket big thank you to Kendra Models for Woodside: Julian Sunn, Logan Halliwell, Sara Johnson (contact from , Michelle Mathews (Sharpe Models), Michael Webb (Apple), Wynn and kids, Hair Make-up Allison Sharpe Sharpe Models Product for the shoot: Local beach shoot in Aptos for Eton cool solar electronics company in Palo Alto. The whole crew tried to be as green as possible by car pooling, bringing Aptos Water and nalgene bottles for the clients, models, assistants so they could refill the water from the bigger 3 gallon bottles. Coffee in thermos's from a Think Local First Santa Cruz company Pacific Coffee Roasting, Ola Chica swim suits, Kuhl clothing, Keen Shoes, Pistil, Osprey packs, eyewear from Smith Optics and Arnette, which I felt fit the shoot best, Kelty coolers and chairs, some REI product, GSI table, local food by the Picnic Basket in Santa Cruz we got 15 scones, sandwiches and chocolate and oatmeal cookies. Hair and Make up by Thayse from Prima Salon. My company Maximum Impact Design producing, location scouting, art directing, logistics, food, and all the rest in Aptos. Santa Cruz surfboard and Santa Cruz Skateboard. Next shoot is a Pool Party... Fill in socks and shoes from the Sockshop and Shoe company and the Socksmith. Thank you to Cindy Whitehead Sportstylist® to the intro to Arnette. Jam Collective for Osprey, Keen, Alite connections.

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