Sunday, June 23, 2013

My helmet goes into the Smithsonian Collections with Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen, Cindy Whitehead, Laura Thornhill...

Women's downhill skateboarding got a little attention yesterday in Washington DC. Who'd of thought from skateboarding in my parents driveway to sneaking speed runs around Aptos and Santa Cruz with Legendary skater John Hutson my helmet would end up in a collection with so many well known skaters. How did I get included with this group of skaters? Maybe the decades of slalom skateboard racing, downhill, pool riding and my passion for helping spread the stoke with Board Rescue. My love for skateboarding and constant gathering of stickers, magazines, memorabilia I have stored that is now being sorted through to be added to the Santa Cruz Skateboard 40th Anniversary event set for Fall 2013 at NHS. I think I represent all of the unknown skaters that skated then and still skate for the rush, freedom, and adrenaline you get. Thank you Betsy Gordon and Jane Rogers for including me.

Downhill skateboarding is represented by donations of a Fly Away skate helmet worn by Judi Oyama in the 1980s and the board and helmet used by George Orton when he set the world speed record on a skateboard in 1996. Archival materials being donated include a complete set of the "National Skateboard Review," a chronicle of skate activity in the late 1970s run by Di Dootson; early editions of TransWorld SKATEboarding magazine; and newspaper articles.

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