Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fancy Food Show 2013 from a designers view

One of my favorite trade shows next to going to Action Sports or Outdoor shows. Designing labels, packaging and photo shoots related to foods is always a nice change. Love that I get to mix up my work from outdoor, socks, retail and food. Great take aways are printing label and box sources. Looking at trends, colors and flavors. Last year it seemed Popcorn and hot sauce were all the rage. This year I was seeing a ton of salts, chocolate, fresh foods, herbs, drinks with less sugar, less packaging, environmentally fresh packaging ideas and materials. (Micro greens are edible plants that originate from the seeds of herbs, vegetables and other plants.) Picked up a few ideas to share with some of my clients in regards to bottle labels, baking containers and to go items. I hope to share some new brands with friends that have specialty markets in town and some foodies.

My favorties Sir Kensington Ketchup gourmet scooping, Secret Squirrel Cold Brew Coffee, and a special thanks for Kokuho Rose for the brown rice sample. I don't know if it a Japanese thing but I wanted to ask so which camp were your parents in. Katie who was with me's grandfather a 442nd soldier and my uncle. We will never forget. It is so great to see a Japanese American brand grow from a simple heirloom California Grown Rice.

Went by the MOMA always have to look at design stuff and books. Also picked up a few Cream Puffs at Beard Papa.

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