Thursday, January 17, 2013

Because I have so much free time NOT Tumblr skate blog going up

I've been on Tumblr for awhile but never posted much. Now that I'm archiving and going through NHS's archives and my own personal stash of stickers and skate stuff I'm going to start organizing, tagging some of the skate stuff I have. The plan is to build a custom website for my skate stuff. I have been collecting skateboard stickers from the 70's. I'm a sticker geek but also a print nerd. I have Thrasher rate cards, never used catalogs, calendars, posters, Point of Purchase, packaged never opened bearings sets, bushings, lapers yes lapers and if you are a current skater you probably have never used one. Those plastic things we use to put on the bottom of our boards to protect our trucks from getting to grinded. The only other woman on the planet that has her old skate stuff in good order is my buddy Cindy Whitehead.

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