Saturday, August 4, 2012

Outdoor Retailer Summer 2012 Show Connections

Got back from the Outdoor Retailer Summer Show 2012 late last night. Always nice to see in person the work you have done the year or so before. Croakies product graphics I art directed with several artists from Santa Cruz. Jimbo Phillips, Danny Sun...more cool stuff for 2012 in progress. Can't show.

Saw the booth with Aaron Brookes who hired me to art direct, location scout, style, from two shoots. One in November and one in May 2012. The booth graphics look great. Tomorrow is the last day of the show. One of the highlights was showing the sock brand Swiftwick the shots of Elle and Tommy Zaferes wearing their socks. I was scouting for a few companies that I work with. One the Sockshop and Shoe Company from Santa Cruz one of the second largest independent shoe stores in the US. The California rep was stoked to see the images on my iPad and probably happier still to know the shot of Tommy was 15 feet tall at the show. I know some people looked at me thinking I was some Asian trying to knock off their brand. Most companies were really nice but their were a few not to name names. They use to be smaller companies selling just socks but have grown. They weren't as nice. I like working with small brands and brands that make great product. Makes the work even more fun.

Magellan GPS

Sneak peak up and coming product that Santa Cruz Skateboards has in the works. Made in the USA. Closer up a few have a patch not a sticker as the art. Looks better in person. My photos posted on my OR flickr set.

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