Sunday, August 26, 2012

Loyal Lance Armstrong Fan

I'll always be a believer in Lance Armstrong. I will always respect him for his fight for cancer and his Livestrong campaign. I wear a yellow band from back when he started LAF. I worked on Giro Lance Armstrong marketing materials for almost a decade. I didn't believe in Tyler Hamilton but I do believe in Lance. He always had haters. I met many of the cyclists over the years and they weren't always nice when they spoke of Lance. The only rider who was respectful was Tommy Danielson. I designed catalogs during 7 Tour De France races all of the ones he won. I watched him since 1998 when I was art director at Rockshox. My oldest sons middle name is Armstrong for his dedication and strength. He did more for people and the sport then win races. I know many people that will remember that part of him. I love that Oakley, Giro and Nike stood by him during his fight with cancer.

My kids met Lance at Giro in Santa Cruz
Win number 7 in 2006

Lance Armstrong 7x win poster given out at Interbike

Limited Edition Giro Atmos packaging

Chicken Interbike Trade Show Graphic for Giro

Chicken illustration by James Jean

Floyd Lance illustration by James Jean

These illustrations were amazing but the rise and fall of both Chicken and Floyd made me do the juggle at press time. Spread for Floyd pulled in doubt about really winning. Thus put the last minute illustration of Chicken instead. Use Floyd shot for Point of Purchase piece. Oh Chicken get's pulled too. WTF!

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