Saturday, July 28, 2012

Magellan GPS iCast booth graphics 2012 Photos by Jay Watson

Always nice when I can show work after a shoot. This was shot at Rooster Comb Ranch near Henry Coe Park near Hollister California by Jay Watson here is a more complete portfolio of the project. I am super fortune to have great opportunities to collaborate. This was a fishing, hunting and hiking shoot. We had done a Triathlon shoot prior and all worked well together. I art directed, produced the shoot, location scouted, found the talent with some help from Elle one of the models from the last shoot. Had Matt Twisselman and daughter Allison modeled. (Matt and I went to Kindergarden together and I helped him with the Amgen Bike race surfboard prize.) Heading out to Outdoor Retailer next week to see the Magellan GPS booth set for this show with some of the other images we took and also meet up with Croakies to show them some final work from Jimbo Phillips. I'm going to pick up shoe and sock catalogs for the Sockshop and Shoe Company (second largest Independent Retailer in the Nation no less) and find more brands to use in photo shoots.

Big thank you to the crew: Angela Stucky, Katie Stei, Dylan Tushar, Nils Carlson on the shoot and reps and marketing managers that sent me product and helped out. We couldn't of done it without you. All the contacts and relationships have made it possible to do a wide range of projects for catalog design, location scouting for Totts Champagne, style for clients like American Express and call folks from Oakley to Brookes shoes and get product for shoots is amazing. I take nothing for granted.

CSide angle of booth with Greg Foy of Manresa Rods and Foy Construction using his handmade Bass Rod, photo of the Magellan GPS trade show booth at the iCast 2012. I art directed, produced, location scouted, styled, recruited the talent. Worked with photographer Jay Watson and Magellan GPS Marketing Director Aaron Brookes. Booth graphics by Rob Ligeti.

Map and shoot list page for the day of the shoot so we stay on track and know what shots to get at which area during the one day shoot. You must stay focused and organized.

Aaron and I worked together at Giro Sport Design. I had him model with his son for a shoot by Bryce Kanights and then illustrated by James Jean.

Jimbo's Croakies Eyeballs retainer

Eric Clarkson in the Tri Ad we shot in Aptos.

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