Sunday, June 3, 2012

Skateboard Typography & Lettering assignment Jim Goodrich and others

Thank you to Jim Goodrich for letting me use his photos as reverence and inspiration for this project. A few other photos were taken by Ted Terrebonne, John Krisik, Brad Bowman and Mike "Smiley" Goldman. This past Spring 2012 I took a class at Cabrillo College down the hill from my house. I went there after high school and drive by daily. I have been trying for a year to get into the Final Cut Pro Class. No luck last Fall so I took a Photoshop class that I loved. Helped me fine tune some skills and learn about new features. This Spring they only offered the B intermediate Final Cut class so I took Carl Rohrs Lettering and Typography class. I had always wanted to take it and since the students enrolled get priority in registering it was worth it. If you ever have a chance to take his class do. He teaches around the world and we have him in our backyard. His knowledge about type is amazing, his lettering skills to die for.

Illustrator vector art from photoshop work.

Wood laser cut 1/4" final piece. Still have a paper cut project to finish and it is on black paper hand cut. Can you say sore fingers.

Duane Peters

Curt Kimbel (Old Santa Cruz Teammate who has a son that rips named Willis Kimbel)

Skated with all of the skaters in this letter but one. The two women in this are Cindy Whitehead and Leilani Kiyabu, Tony Alva, Steve Alba, Jay Adams, Steve Olson, Duane Peters, Brad Bowman, Scott Foss, Steve Caballero, Chris Strople, Curt Kimbel, Randy Katin, Bobby Valdez, Mike Folmer, only skater I didn't skate with John Gibson. Yes I have two skaters in twice. Was running out of time and had a deadline.

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