Friday, May 11, 2012

Amgen Surfboard Jimbo Phillips Collaboration

Here is the Amgen Tour of California Surfboard that is going to be given to the winner of Stage 2 that ends in Aptos on Monday, May 14 th. Started several months ago with a lunch meeting with Maura. Called my two go to guys Doug Haut and Jimbo Phillips and asked if we could work together on this project. They both said yes and we started. Big thanks to Jerry at Headline Graphics for a quick turn around with the fabric logos. Usually you have to use rice paper which is coarse and silkscreened. These days with new technology you can print on a special fabric and get rich colors and finer detail. Steve Hosmer sent me his Amgen logo graphic. Brought them to the Haut shop so when he was done shaping he could get them to the crew at the Santa Cruz Board Builders Guild. I gave them a print out of decal placement. When the board was done I picked it up and dropped it off at Jimbo's. By then between stages I seems the window of time kept shrinking. Jimbo had a week and then I called yesterday and he said it was done. Of course on the way my car acted up. It died at an intersection and I was able to coast over to restart and get to Jimbo's. I put the board in my car and called Nate Smith Optimum Auto Care. They said bring it in. I tell them about the car and how it sounds like Chewbacca when you turn the engine off. Well I still needed to get the board across town. Got a ride to borrow my mom's car and got home.

I couldn't do what I can get done without all the great friends and family support.

Thanks Adele and Maura

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