Saturday, January 7, 2012

Local talent Santa Cruz and locations on the Magellan new product launch website

Stoked to see the Magellan photo shoot project go live yesterday on the Magellan GPS website. Working with local Santa Cruz triathletes. I did all of the production, art direction, location scouting, talent scouting, and styling for the new Magellan product "Switch" website and product launch that will be showing at CES next week. The photographer was Jay Watson super talented surf, action sports and portrait photographer. A definite pro. Big thank you goes to many friends that I have worked with or know in the action sports industry. Eric Richter at Giro for the high end Road Helmets, gloves, shoes, and socks. Shout out to Trudy at the SUP and Tri shop for introducing me to the talented athletes. I was able to work with Tommy Zaferes fresh from a trip back from New Zealand. Eric Clarkson rode to the shoot at 8:00 am on a freshly cool morning, Elle Washburn super fit strong woman, Josh Bjornstad, Margaret Ellis and Stephanie Hocom.

The Switch Series is the new product. I am super busy with a catalog and wanted to post a thank you to everyone involved. Aaron Brookes the marketing director it was a pleasure to work with you again. Have a great Outdoor Retailer show. I loved working locally at Seacliff Beach, Aptos in Nisene Marks Park and around UCSC running track area.

Big thank you to local retailers I hunted and gathered from Arron at The Bicycle Trip for always being super helpful and friendly, Family Cycling, The Running Revolution for exchanging a size for us without a hassle and Fleet Feet in Aptos for also doing a quick size exchange. Angela Stucky for being a great assistant at the shoot and my right hand girl. Make-up from Kylie Muhly from Prima Salon Santa Cruz. I purposely shopped local for clothing and fill in product but used my amazing contacts for other items like Oakleys sunglasses, Giro cycling shoes, that made the whole project complete.

Thank you to Cindy Whitehead and Frances Lam for some tips and encouragement that helped with some key product contacts. Both talented stylists through Frances now is a amazing Acupuncturist. Cindy is the Sportstylist® of the top a athletes worldwide.