Friday, January 27, 2012

Capitola and Skateboarding

I spoke last night at the Capitola skate park meeting. I had no intention of standing up but then somewhere toward the end of everyone speaking my heart just started pounding out of my chest. I thought you know I'm probably the oldest skateboarder here. I'm a mother of two boys that I drive to Scotts Valley and Lake Cunningham Regional Skatepark to go skate with my kids.

I wish I had, had a skate park locally to skate growing up. I don't count Derby, Frederick Street or Jose park as a real skate park because they are so small. I'm glad they are there but they do not take care of the skate communities needs of a place to skate that is not a drive for a kid that lives in Capitola, Aptos or Soquel.

One of my best memories of skating was my first slalom skateboard race down Monterey Avenue back in 1975 when I was 15. Then again the Capitola Classic downhill race several years later when I was 19. I think these kids are missing out on some great memories by having to skate in places that you get ticketed or kicked out of.

Skaters come in all ages, sizes and backgrounds. I am the president of Board Rescue a non-profit that helps get skateboards to kids. (Which I forgot to bring up when I spoke.) I have taught skateboard classes through Santa Cruz Parks and Recreation. Every class has been full with a wait list. It is sad to once again stand in front of the City Council in Capitola to ask about a skate park. Another generation of skaters from Aptos, Soquel and Capitola that has to skate in the roads, parking lots and school playgrounds.

The parks we have access to in town are limited. I never liked Soquel Skate Park. It had bad transitions and rough concrete. José Skate Park is too small and usually packed with a combination of scooters and bmxer's. Scotts Valley is a nice park but is a bit of a drive especially if you are under 16. The Santa Cruz Skate Park is a good park but it is usually way crowded and has a crew of folks that come over to do things unrelated to skating and I wish they would go else where.

The future generations like it or not love to skateboard. Give them a place to do it safely.

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