Monday, October 3, 2011

More Board Rescue ebay boards on foyster2 a few days left to go

Foyster2 ebay link to boards.

Todd Francis

Eli Roe

Jason Jessee

Danny Sun

Kevin Walsh

Lance Mountain

Mark Whiteley

Judi Oyama

Dave Swift

Eric "Dog" Fieber

The boards are in the window display at the Santa Cruz Boardroom on 41 st. You can see them all close up.

825 41st Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA 95062
(831) 464-2500

Board Rescue Facebook for more info and most current updates on the auction.

2nd Annual Board Rescue Art Show
Some of the featured Artists:
Jimbo Phillips, Steve Olson, Lance Mountain, Jason Adams, Steve Caballero, Justin Forbes, Jason Jessee, Lucas Musgrave, David Hackett, Keith Meek, Kevin Walsh, Bryce Kanights, Mark Whiteley, Pat Ngoho, Cindy Whitehead, Christian Cooper, Danny Sun, Eric Fieber, Chris Sprouls, Eli Atkins, David Swift, Chris Pastras, Eli Roe, Kori Thompson, Judi Oyama, Angela Stucky and more.

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