Sunday, August 21, 2011

Skateboard Slalom World Championships taking place in Ottawa

Wish I was there and happy for my friends that are.
Slalom worlds taking place in Ottawa article
And this one too. World Championships of Slalom Skateboarding take Ottawa has a news clip video.
Another article Slalom skateboarders fuel their need for speed could be a dupe of the first one: way to go Claude on the marketing, well done.

Skateboard Slalom World Championships 2011

Photo link
Not official results I saw posted on the FB page.

Pro Tight Slalom
1. Janis Kuzmins, LAT
2. Joe McLaren, USA
3. Louis Ricard, CAN
4. Richy Carrasco, USA

Women's Tight Slalom

1. Lynn Kramer, USA
2. Julie Boulanger, CAN
3. Lienite Skaraine, LAT
4. Emilie Gascon, CAN

Masters Tight Slalom
1. Keith Hollien, USA
2. John Ravitch, USA
3. David Hackett, USA
4. John Stryker, USA

Photo link on FB
photo by- Cherie-Lynn Buchanan

Long board post. Congrats to everyone.

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