Saturday, August 13, 2011

Skateboard Class if taught would be in the Spring 2012

I along with Gary Holl founder of Board Rescue have taught a few classes that filled up quickly. We enjoyed teaching the classes and have had many parents and friends ask if we would do it again. It is a big commitment since you have to fill out a 5 page form, plan it 8 months ahead and I have always made good swag sticker bags and a signed Skate certificate per each student. I've asked all the local shops to offer a discount for that week which they all have. (Much appreciated.) We have taught a Slide Class with Cliff Coleman and slalom Class at Pacific Collegiate School, and a beginning class at the Santa Cruz Skatepark. Big kudo's to all of the skaters that let us take over the park and respected the little ones. And to my many friends that have helped teach the class and give up a skate day which I know is a big deal when you work all week and give up a day for young tikes that aren't even your own. I will turn away any Mothers that try and drop off their child who isn't signed up. You know who you are and shame on you for doing that and putting your child in that uncomfortable position and putting me on the spot as well. I'm not taking in flakes if I teach again. I have a poll to see which kind of class and if I get enough interest. Thanks.

City of Santa Cruz Parks and Recreation Department. We are currently accepting class proposals for our Winter - Spring 2012 session.
No classes will be held on Martin Luther King Day
(January 16), President’s Day (February 20), Spring Break (April 2-8) and
Memorial Day (May 28).

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