Saturday, August 6, 2011

Outdoor Retailer 2011 Croakies and Stuntpuppy

Went to Outdoor Retailer for the day. It was great to see many of the prints I created as well as collaborations with local artists and designers. Walked the show and met up with a few people from the action sports industry as well. Guess after going to trade shows for two decades you end up seeing a ton of folks no matter if it is SIA, ASR or OR. I was happy to see the Croakies and Stuntpuppy leashes and collars. I saw lots of brands with prints but none with the soft feel and actually printed graphics like this combo. All made in the USA and Croakies has PET recycled bottle belts that were hot.

Meet Todd Francis near the Element booth. He had finished two paintings that were getting raffled off. I had spoke to him via emails and phone calls over the years. We had a close relationship in some ways because he did the art on my Keep a Breast Kings and Queens casting a few years ago. He is going to do a deck for the Board Rescue art show.

Artist: Craig Stecyk Castee: Laura Martin

Artist: Todd Bratrud Castee: Nicole Zuck

Artist: Ben Horton Castee: Philippa Hill Rattray

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