Thursday, June 30, 2011

Maryhill Festival of Speed starts Today!

Maryhill Festival of Speed
Push Culture News is going to Maryhill this year and we’re so stoked to have the help and support of the event organizer John Ozman and the IGSA president Marcus Reitama to produce five days of event coverage to bring the action to those of you who can’t make it. If you would like to know more about the event check it out at If you don’t know Maryhill, it is that DH course you always see surrounded by beautiful swaying grass fields and it makes you think “I wanna go fast” and we at Push Culture News hope you will, that’s why we’re doing this!! (That, and we like to go fast too!!) So tune in during June 30th – July 5th for Push Culture News coverage of the 2011 Maryhill Festival of Speed.

If you want to ride you’re gonna have to wait for the fall free ride because the Festival of Speed is fully booked in the open class. If you’re a lady, junior, luger or butt boarder you can still get in I believe… Push Culture News Videos

I designed the Downhill and Luge World Cup logos and revised the type on the IGSA for Marcus.

Don't downhill anymore but still love to go fast on the slalom board.

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