Sunday, May 15, 2011

James Durbin Surfboard build

Can you say hustle? Thanks to everyone that helped me out. I mean everyone. I think I used my Kudos card this week. I got a e-mail via Facebook from Hilary Bryant last Thursday morning after just coming back from Croakies in Montana the night before. She knew I had worked on the Amgen Surfboard with Matt Twissleman asked if it was possible to make a board similar to that for James Durbin's Boardwalk home coming event. I said I'd see what I could do. I documented this past week working with photographers Jay Watson, Higard Muller and my dad (a retired photographer) who I recruited yesterday morning to add to this week I did a photo shoot Wednesday afternoon for the SockSmith with Patrick Trefz at the Boardwalk and Beach while photographer Robert Houser was shooting for the non-profit Board Rescue in San Francisco at the Cesar Chavez Elementary School. (really). I stalked Kevin Walsh the talented artist that created the art on the 8'6" Doug Haut Surfboard took photos of him working, to save time I didn't have I made use of yet another contact and friend Christina Glynn Communications Director/Film Commissioner at Santa Cruz County Conference & Visitors Council who helped get me images for Kevin to use as photos as reference.

Okay, now how do you get a custom surfboard built in a week? Let me think you can't. But I think I can. I made calls to Richard Novak, Doug Haut (who was sick) I call Jeff at the retail shop who again reminds me Doug is out sick. I call Ward Coffey who was generous enough to help me out. Until I go over the real time plan of this board build and realize I can't build a board from scratch I change gears once I figured the art would have to be done in two days, uploaded via FTP to in Headline graphics, based out of Cardiff-by-the-Sea. I then call owner Jerry Anderson who said he'd do it in 2 hours and get it back to me on Tuesday then the board would have to be laminated, hotcoated, sanded and finished. Hand crafted surfboards take weeks to build. I had several weeks to work on the Amgen Surfboard. I get a call from Doug Haut and tell him what I'm trying to do.

Plan B. I realize I should get a board bag. I have to pick up our Board Rescue t shirts at NHS and I run into Wingnut helps me out but can't find one in the NHS warehouse. I text him later and he's sorry but he's had to head to Cabo. I ask him who can I stalk next and I wasn't kidding. I return to NHS the next day NHS and Richard Novak digs through the stuff in the cage we still can't find out. He calls TC (Tom Campion) of the Santa Cruz Boardroom he has one. I drive there and pick it up. Got the bag. Okay next. More calls, texts, e-mails. Work in between, family, kids, life, deadlines. Photo shoot set for Friday with Doug Haut at the Surf Shop, second stop shoot with Kevin Walsh at his studio, Shoot set for the afternoon at the Digital Media Factory thanks to Marty Collins the owner who is kind enough to let us shoot. Wednesday afternoon I finished a photoshoot got home took the kids to pick up a few items at the Boardroom they wanted to wear Santa Cruz branded wear. I didn't have time to go to NHS so I improvise. As I walk out of the Boardroom with happy kids because we get to sit in the James Durbin section at the show set for Saturday. I get the text from Novak saying I hate to tell you but he's out. It's East Coast feed info from a friend and I have to break the news to the kids as we drive home. Now what? I tell the kids I want to return the goods and get it from NHS directly so I don't mess up TC's inventory. Kids are bummed.

Can't get out of the photo shoot photographer rented gear and booked the day out to drive down from San Carlos. I decide let's just shoot. I call artist let him know he can slow down on the board, get it done but it doesn't have to be done by Saturday. Friday it's on as I'm still shooting just because I can't stop I get a text from Hilary we are on! E-mail from Ryan Coonerty we are a go can you get the board done that is Friday afternoon. Luckily I work well under pressure. In the end the board gets done. I will share more photos later.
Since American Idol isn't doing the full home event we don't get to go to the Boardwalk event not enough security no VIP seating but it was cool my kids got to meet James at the Teen Center. I've been there before having donated Complete Skateboards from NHS and Bell helmets the year before with Board Rescue. So stoked that's where James wanted to go on his visit. It is a great place.

Wednesday's shoot between the other things I was doing. Almost done with the SockSmith Catalog. Local company owners son grew up with James. Small town.


Mary said...

This was a nice thing you did for James Durbin.. Its great to know that his neighbors are honoring him, as he "IS" the american idol as far as I am concerned. The board looks great!...Mary

Judi Oyama said...

Thanks Mary. Wingnut just offered to give him Free surf lessons. That is very cool.