Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rare Tony Alva Santa Cruz Skateboards

Rare limited edition Santa Cruz Skateboard Alva Sticker by Jim Phillips.

This was made for Alva to launch right when he was going to sign on and skateboard for Santa Cruz. He changed his mind and signed on with Logan Earth Ski. I scoured the internet and didn't find any images or history. I remember the big box of stickers at the top of the stairs. Jay Shuirman told me to grab what ever I wanted because they had to be destroyed. I grabbed 2 stacks of 50 and have given most away and sold a few on ebay for up to $49.50 each. I thought I'd sell this one and help my kids school.

Available on the Mar Vista School Website to help fund raise for the school.
Many of the original Santa Cruz Skateboard team members went to this school.
Oldschool stickers are rare and not cheap.
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