Friday, December 31, 2010

The Year in Review, ala Seth Godin

Inspired by a post from Seth Godin on writing down what you did and review. My favorite book is The Purple Cow
#YearInReview What did you ship in 2010?

Assisted with the Museum of Modern Art & History's Surf Show Exhibit in Santa Cruz Had a case with graphic work and lent my Jim Phillips Crew original poster framed by the Frame Circus of course.

Completed the Amgen Surfboard graphic on prize the Doug Haut surfboard that was for first place for stage 4 in Santa Cruz that was won by Dave Zabriskie. I missed the event which was okay because I was in Montana at Croakies going over marketing projects for the year.

Board Rescue window display Urban Outfitters month of July with contributing skateboard artists and helped sell them on ebay

Designed and built a recycled skateboard birdhouse with husband and a skateboard chair for the Board Rescue window display.
Went to Wyoming with the family. We were at the Gros Ventre River Ranch during the earthquake.
Checked out the Heart Mountain Memorial near Cody and learned that my uncle was at the camp with his family.

Set up a few Linchpin meet ups at NextSpace
Worked on surf inspired belt graphics for Croakies and helped with rebranding and simplifying the logo treatment with Chris Schultz

Painted 4' x 6' painting of Carrie Cooper skateboarding in Hawaii. Had not painted a complete painting in years

Updated the IGSA (International Gravity Sports Association) logo and designed these new World Cup Downhill and Luge racing logos for Marcus Rietema.

Designed completed 94 page catalog for Sessions 2012 year and trade show graphics 2011

Logo design collaboration with Jimbo Phillips for Rick Kepler's Seascape Tennis Academy

Had a garden for the first time in years

Volunteered for Think Local First Santa Cruz. Born and raised in Santa Cruz it feels good to promote the local businesses. Worked on a fun project for the SockSmith. A green recycled label for shipping.

A tree free label The SockShop and SockSmith. Locally owned and operated the SockSmith owns Old School Shoes, The SockShop and Santa Cruz Legs. Fellow Think Local Santa Cruz member and sustainable direction we created a green tree free label to go on all of their packages. Printed on Tree Free paper using non-toxic water based inks.

Placed second in the tight and giant slalom, third in the hybrid at the World Cup of Slalom Skateboarding in Colorado on a 9 percent grade hill. FAST down hilled for the first time in a few decades in a contest for the thrill of it.

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