Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wefollow Skateboarder

I like being number eight on wefollow in both most influential and most followers skateboarder. Along with skaters like PLG, OneFelix, Rob Dyrdek. Not done by following as many skateboarders as I can but by selecting the ones that really know the sport or have passion for it. And by sharing skateboard news and events that mean something to me. I embraced social media many years ago mainly as a way to communicate about skateboarding and design information with friends. For things like where were going to skate on Saturday morning to what design help information we could share.
Who'd of thought it would lead to working with clients on Twitter, Blogger and Facebook. Online marketing grew and grew. It's the new 411 for information. Used right it can get you work used wrong and no one cares. I'm oldschooler

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