Monday, August 30, 2010

My heart hurts today

Peter Lenz has been in my thoughts all day. I've known his father Michael Lenz since he was a teen working in his parents store making photo stats back in the late 80's just before computers changed the graphics industry into a digital one. I spent many hours in the back of the Lenz Art Store chatting with Michael.

Michael Lenz, Peter's father is sharp and super sweet and a great father. I kept in touch with him and Peter's career. I got calls as they were on their road trips out to Florida or heading back and was super stoked to hear about Peters racing. It was a family adventure and they were having a great time. I know Michael put Peter's best interest first and wanted to be sure he was enjoying it and never put any pressure on him.

I believe anything can happen at anytime so live everyday to the fullest. NO regrets.

No words can really help to ease the loss. My thoughts are with Michael and his family and friends.

Go fast Peter!

Memorial Fund for Peter Lenz

Good article about young racers.

Shame on all the networks and companies laying blame to this sport and speed. You should be requiring skateboarders and bmx riders to wear helmets during the Xgames and other televised sports.

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