Monday, July 12, 2010

Seismic World Cup July 16-18, 2010 in Colorado

Seismic World Cup July 16-18, 2010 in Colorado

We will take 56 paid registrations. Key word is paid. We are taking a limited number of racers so that we have time to run 4 races; Tight, Slalom, GS, and Downhill (4-man). Please register at
Entry Fee is $125 for ISSA Members. Fee is $155 for non-members. If you are paying as a non-member, your extra entry fee pays your ISSA membership due for the season. Entry fee is for all four races or you can sign up for the Downhill-only for $25. There is no discount for skipping downhill, or any other event. Overall is based on slalom events only. King-of-the-hill will be based on all 4 events.

We will have 3 racers divisions;
Open (A & B brackets based on Qualifying),
Masters (45 and older),
We might have a Juniors division if 8 or more 17-and-unders want to race in Jr's., otherwise they will be added to Open.

Friday eve - 6-9PM Tight Qualifiers

Saturday 8AM-12PM Tight Elims
Saturday 12PM-6PM Slalom Qual & Elim

Sunday 8AM-2PM Dual GS
Sunday 3PM Downhill

Prize Purse:
$4050 total prize purse
Tight payout $850
Slalom payout $850
GS payout $850
Masters Overall $500
Women Overall $500
Downhill payout $400

Racer hotel will be the La Quinta, 902 W. Dillon Rd. Louisville, CO. (Google Maps put this in the wrong place). Racer discount is based on 10 room booking.

Downhill will be a connection of Overlook, Butte, Horizon, and Panorama streets assuming we can get all the permissions needed to close these roads. If we can't get permissions we will run it on Overlook with some sculpting.

We intend to have large 9' start ramp(s) but we will keep you updated on this. We have 3' start ramps presently. We're hoping to have the budget to build these ramps but we wont know until June if we'll have them or not.

We're experimenting with "cones" that will reduce or eliminate counting, chasing, misplacing, etc. Details on these experiments will be posted as soon as we have settled on a format that is safe and effective. We'll be using a TrackMate timer.

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